Saturday, February 2, 2013

Considering Going To L&D Because You're Worried?

So you're considering going into L&D because you're worried about your baby...

I know what's going on in your head.  I've been right there.

This is what COULD happen if you go in:

No one will understand. 
You'll be embarrassed.
You'll cry the whole time.
The nurses will think you're crazy.
Your husband will think you're crazy.
Norms everywhere will roll their eyes.
Some people will think you're looking for attention.
You'll second-guess yourself the whole time.
Your doctor will tell you you're over-reacting.
It will be a waste of time.
You might hear the worst news in the world.

This is what WILL happen if you go in:

You'll KNOW what's going on.

Yesterday, a dear friend told me that often when mothers are nervous about their babies, they're looking for "permission" to be worried.  "Permission" to react.  As if we need another person to tell us that we're not over-reacting and our fears are founded.  But we do NOT need permission to worry about our children.  When a toddler bumps his head, no one questions a mother who rushes him to the ER.  Why should we feel embarrassed for doing the same thing, just because our babies need better equipment to check on them?  

I refuse to wait on permission from anyone to check on the welfare of my child ever again.  Because in the end, they may think I'm crazy, and they may think I'm over-reacting.  

But I'll know what's going on with my baby.

And that's all I care about.


  1. I went in tonight bc I was nervous. I had NO shame. This is the most terrifying experience of my life. I think I had more anxiety than "normal" bc 6 months ago today our son was born still.

    1. Katherine, this is hell, isn't it? But I'm so glad you went in! it is always worth it. hope all is totally well, and pray you take care of you on this especially hard day. love!