Featured Charities

Below is a list of groups and charities that provide support to individuals affected by pregnancy and infant loss.

A Heart to Hold 
Provides heart-shaped pillows filled to weigh the same as the lost child.

For Your Tears
Provides bereaved families with a handkerchief stitched with "For Your Tears."

Grieve Out Loud
Pen-Pal programs matching angel moms with similar stories and Monthly Milestone Exchanges.

Heartprints Photo Retouching
Edits photos of children lost to miscarriage or born still.

I Am Blessed
An Ohio-based non-profit that creates burial gowns for stillborn babies.  Always in need of donations of notions and trims.

In Our Hearts Photo Pendants
Makes necklace pendants from photos of lost children.

Life After Loss
A Northern Ireland-based forum where families can read and share their stories of loss.

Lil Angels Hankies
Provides handkerchiefs with embroidered name and birthdate of the lost child.

Robby's Rabbits
To honor the memory of their son Robby, they donate a new stuffed animal (especially a rabbit) to babyloss families. 

Tiny Heartbeats
In honor of angel Ethan, Tiny Heartbeats provides free doppler rentals to women pregnant with a hopeful rainbow.

The following are charities that provide keepsakes free of charge to hospital bereavement programs: 











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