Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I had my fourth MCA doppler today.  I just realized I've never taken the time to describe what this is on this blog, so let me give a bit of background.

Two weeks ago, my blood test results came back showing my titer levels had increased to 1:8.  It was time that a new step be taken, and that means MCA Dopplers.  An MCA Doppler is an ultrasound of the baby's middle cerebral artery.  The ultrasound tech lays me down flat and slightly inverted and puts the wand over Matt's brain.  Then she finds the artery and focuses in specifically on that.  She monitors the blood flow through that artery to get a single reading.  The reading looks very much like a heartrate on the screen, with just the peaks.  She has to take at least 6 readings to get a good scan.  Then she does a physical analysis of Matt to ensure that he has plenty of fluid, his lungs, skin and heart aren't taking in any excess fluid, and his growth and movement are healthy. 

The ultrasound tech then sends all of the data, pictures and video to the MFM specialist.  She analyzes the information, taking the highest number and cross-referencing that with my gestational age on a chart.  That chart gives us a number called a multiple of the median.  No, I don't really understand what that term means.  But anything under 1 is normal.  Anything over 1 shows varying levels of anemia.  Over the past four tests I've gotten an erroneous 1.6 and acceptable 1.4, 1.2 and 1.3.  

1.4 would indicate mild anemia.  Since the numbers have consistently been above normal range, the head of MFM determined that the risks to Matt officially outweigh the benefits.  He will be delivered at 37 weeks. 

Ahem.  For the back row... THIRTY SEVEN WEEKS!


Back to the seriousness now.  Tomorrow I'll have a routine OB visit.  They'll check my cervix to see how the contractions have affected it.  This will determine what induction medications they will start me with.  The MFM specialist today explained that we need to be prepared for Matt to possibly go into the NICU for a short while.  He could just be there for observation, or he may need a transfusion.  They'll test his hemoglobin levels and determine what further action needs to be taken.  

Anyway, that's where we're at today.  T minus one week and counting.  

Holy crap I'm going to bring a baby home in just over a week.

Holy crap holy crap holy crap.

Probably should clean this house or something.

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  1. Matt is coming at 37 weeks! I can't wait to meet him through LOTS of pictures!!!!