Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life After Babyloss In Gifs, Part 3

You run out of Oreos

So you decide to run to Target

You think, "Today will be different!"

Then you spot the newborn twins 

And the herd of pregnant women

And suddenly you feel all

But you have to act like

Luckily, you were already there for more Oreos.


  1. Great, now I want Oreos. ;) Love it Annie!!

  2. I know! I had to buy a new pack today, but was only brave enough to hit up the grocery. :) Thanks!

  3. Thanks again for the laughs ... and I might have to find me some of the Halloween Oreo's a bit later. :)

    1. That's exactly what I'm about to eat! I don't get the plain if there are holiday Oreos. Then it's really like you're being festive, not self-medicating with icing.