Monday, March 4, 2013


I had an OB appointment today and felt like updating the world.  Matt's 29/4 now, and we have OB appointments and ultrasounds every two weeks.  So, here's how today went.

My doctor is really happy with my blood glucose levels.  He said I get an "A!"  I'll take that to mean I probably shouldn't be as hard on myself as I have been...but I doubt my brain will listen to that idea.  My nurse also told me that if on occasion, I am freaking myself out and feel the need to go to bed before dinner, I can do that.  Stress is so much worse on this pregnancy that skipping one test.  

We re-drew for my progesterone level.  Last week the lab royally screwed up my test--three times.  Each time, of course, they demanded it was right...until they called back a little while later to admit they made a mistake.  So, we won't be using that lab again.  Unfortunately, that means that my blood tests have to be sent off to the Pope Paul Institute in Nebraska.  So I got the exciting task of taking blood serum to the post office today.  I was promised we were in complete compliance with USPS regulations with the packaging.  I was also promised I would likely have a hard time sending this stuff.  

Did I ever.

But that post office attendant is a real jerk, always, giving a bad name to postal workers everywhere.  He is Newman.  So after being publicly ridiculed, I took the box to a pack and ship place and they sent it off with a smile and thanks.  USPS, you suck.  Thank you, packing-guy-that-looks-like-Lionel-Ritchie!

So, back to the actual appointment:

The ultrasound was awesome!  Matt looks fantastic!  He was so wiggly the whole time, but still gave us some good looks at his cute little mug.  He's practicing breathing now, which an awesome sign for his good health.  He also has no signs of hydrops at all, so none of our worst fears are coming true.  He's measuring right on target for some things, and a little ahead for others. 

Overall, our doctor says he looks perfectly healthy.

With all the worrying and testing and shots...and he's perfectly healthy.  

This perfectly healthy kid is going to kill me.

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