Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Our Hearts Photo Pendants

For those of you who don't know, Carpenter was going to be an "Irish twin."  Forgive me, but that's the only known term for it, and my Irish friend said she's cool with it.  Anyway, one of the more difficult everyday issues of being a mommy to an angel is keeping my daughter from eating my keepsakes.  She's ten months old, has eight teeth, and everything goes straight in her mouth.  So of course, when she got her hands on my locket with Carpenter's pictures, the first thing she did was take a bite.  Then another.  This became her favorite toy ever, mostly because no one would let her have it.  But at church a few weeks ago, she grabbed a hold and I decided to pick my battles and let her have it.  Of course, in her excitement, she snapped it.  So now I have a locket that I can't wear and no know-how to fix that.

Luckily, in all my online searches, I came across Celia Barnes from In Our Hearts Photo Pendants.  Celia takes in photos of your baby, ultrasounds, images you develop with your angel's name--whatever.  Then she turns each photo into a lovely pendant for you to wear.  The most amazing part about all her work is how emotionally invested she gets in each project.  It's obvious she takes her time, making sure each one is perfect.  She chooses just the right shape to enhance the photo.  She cares about those angel-babies.  I am so drawn to her spirit and kindness, I asked her to answer a few questions for me. 

What inspired you to start making pendants for In Our Hearts Photo Pendants?
"Heather Mohr first started the In Our Hearts Photo Pendants blog after losing her daughter Madelyn.  That was her inspiration.  I offered to take over as it was too much for Heather to handle after the birth of her rainbow and I didn't mind helping!  My inspiration for helping also comes from the loss of my son Noah.  I wear my pendant of Noah with pride and am so happy to be able to still show him off."

What was the first pendant you ever made?  
"The first pendant I ever made was for myself.  At the time, I was using a different type of pendant and, while it turned out okay, I was in search of a way to make the pendants in such a way that would be beautiful and also be durable.  That is how I came to make them they way I do now."

What has been your favorite project so far?  
"All of them are my favorites!!  I enjoy making them and I tend to "talk" to the babies as I make each of the pendants.  I try to make them as beautiful as I can so that each person that orders one will be as proud to show theirs off as I am of my own."

What's the best part of your work?  
"Knowing that I've given something beautiful to someone that they will cherish forever.  I love, love, love when I get photos of people wearing their pendants!  It just completely validates what was trying to be accomplished at the start of this blog!"

What advice do you have for angel-mommies?
"I wish I had some sage advice to give.  I only know that you have to take each day as it comes and live it to the fullest.  Also, collect any and all mementos and keepsakes that remind you of your little one.  Share them with others, don't be afraid or ashamed to speak often of your little one and keep their memories alive."

Do you have another favorite charity we should know about?  
"Oh my......there are SO MANY other organizations out there!  The first that comes to mind is the Faces of Loss campaign where other women share their stories of loss.  It helps so much to know you are not alone, especially in the first days and months.  Grieve Out Loud is another.  Small Bird Studios, Beyond Words Designs, Sufficient Grace Ministries.  Those are just a few.  I recommend any parent that has suffered a loss connect with these and any other grief network out there.  There is a healing power in our little community where each child is remembered always."

I can just imagine Celia sitting there, holding Carpenter's picture in her hand, talking to him as if he were in the room.  I do that.  It's so amazing to find that a person I've never met cares to that extent.     And she's absolutely right.  We must search out these groups, organizations, charities, so we can make a community for ourselves.  So we can feel a part of something, and feel that people understand this insanity that we call babyloss.  So, today, search out Celia Barnes at In Our Hearts.  Allow this organization to be one more stepping stone in your journey through grief.  I know I have.

Click here to visit In Our Hearts Photo Pendants' blog.
Click here to request a pendant.
And click here if you just want to donate a little money to help more families carry their angels next to their hearts.

My new pendants!!!

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