Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lil Angels Hankies

I've recently been chatting with Tricia of Lil Angels Hankies.  Tricia is a very sweet person who has decided to give of herself to us angel-mommies in a very special way.  She embroiders gorgeous handkerchiefs with an angel-baby's name and sends it, all at no charge!, to the grieving family.  She handles approximately 120 requests a month which both breaks my heart and uplifts my spirit.  I'm so looking forward to receiving mine!  These hankies are such a beautiful reminder to feel free to cry for our babies.  But at the same time, with their names so lovingly embroidered on a handkerchief, we are shown that they will always be with us.  I asked Tricia if she could give a short interview explaining a little bit about Lil Angels Hankies for me to share.

What inspired you to start Lil Angels Hankies?
"One of my best friends lost her baby on November 8, 2011. I thought and prayed and tried to think of what I could make her in honor of her angel, Alice. It finally hit me: a hanky. I thought it was so simple and symbolic... Her angel could wipe away her tears, it was white which symbolizes purity... And it had her angel's name and birthday on it and just seemed so perfect. Exactly one month later, on December 8, I realized this was a mission that was going to go much farther than just to her. I started then and never looked back."

What has been your favorite project so far? 
"I think my favorite one was one for a momma who wanted 3 angels names on there. It was fun to be creative and do something out of the norm."

What advice do you have for angel mommies?
"My best advice is to always recognize your angels and don't forget that they existed. Also don't let others forget. I think too many women think it makes people uncomfortable when they talk about it, so they don't. But the truth is, we went through something very painful and life-changing, and our angels are very much a part of our lives forever. It can be therapeutic to talk about, to blog about, and to tell our story. I also think it can really help when you help others who are going through something similar. There is something amazingly powerful about helping other mommies suffering and grieving the loss of their child."

What a lovely tribute to her friend's angel that Tricia would start this charity! My point in writing this is twofold.  First, I hope all the angel-mommies will request a handkerchief.  Keep it as a reminder to embrace your tears and share your story with others.  Second, get the word out about this amazing woman and this amazing charity.  Tricia's work is dependent on donations.  So, give if you can!  Just remember that 1 in 4 of us have a story, and we have to support those who support us.  Thank you, Tricia, for your overwhelming support. 

To request a handkerchief, click here.
To follow Lil Angels Hankies on Facebook, click here.
To donate to this cause, click here

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