Saturday, October 27, 2012

Babyloss in Gifs, Rainbow Emotions

Stages of Pregnancy After A Loss:

"Holy crap I'm pregnant again."

"Wait.  What?"

"OMG I'm pregnant!"

"Calm it down.  There's a long way to go from here."

"But I'm pregnant!"


"This is awesome!"

"But this time we know what can happen!"

"But still..."

*Now play on a loop every minute for 40 weeks.*


  1. really love your moving gifs. always looking forward to new ones ;) sometimes I need this, I always cry for my baby Alanna and ur posts makes me go to that mood "take it easy". I hope u have a follow me button ;)

  2. Anna, thanks for reading!! I just get into weird moods, honestly. It's that roller-coaster of grief, I guess. You can follow by email by filling in the spot on the right hand menu above! Thanks!

  3. So I totally stole your Babyloss in GIFs idea and posted my own (though it's not nearly as funny as yours)

    I hope it's okay that I stole your brilliant idea and that I credited your blog!


    1. OMG an homage!! :) Please please link here so I can see asap!