Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14, Capturing My Grief

Day 14, Community

Heartstrings saved me.  

I cannot overstress that statement.  8 months ago, I was totally lost, and my nurse Jenn told me, "You have to go to Heartstrings."  Too scared to travel this dark road alone, I signed up immediately.  The top picture is of a number of the couples in our support group.  They saved me too.

They not only listened to Carpenter's story and held my hand, but they were brave enough to share their stories with me.  They showed me I was not alone.  We were wounded, vulnerable, and still opened up our arms to one another.  We saved each other.

This past weekend, Heartstrings hosted our 8th annual Walk To Remember.  I was so excited I was allowed to be a part of the planning committee.  I was really in my element, getting volunteers in the right spots and putting out fires.  I realized yesterday that my work through Heartstrings is accomplishing two things.  I am staying close to an organization that lifts me up every day.  But maybe, just maybe, my work in this community is going to one day save someone else from their grief.  

Never forgetting to give back to the community that saved me...this is my grief.

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