Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5, Capturing My Grief

Day 5, Memorial

As a memorial to my sweet Carpenter, I have been making Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Ribbons for the past seven months.  At first, I donated some to our local hospital. Now, they're included in every package that goes to bereaved families from an amazing charity -- Lil Angels Hankies.  To date I have made about 600 ribbons, including 150 for our local Walk To Remember coming up next weekend.  I make these ribbons so that families might have an outward representation of their angel that could even open up conversation on the topic.  It's only through speaking out, both actively and passively, that society will come to understand the horror that affects 25% of all pregnancies.  And every time I see one of these ribbons, anywhere, I am reminded that my son is with me at all times.  This is my grief. 

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