Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4, Capturing My Grief

Day 4:  Most Treasured Item

This is Carpenter's teddy.  Nurse Jen gave it to us in the hospital.  Starting that day, wherever I went, that bear went with me.  It was as if I was able to take Carpenter with me.  I slept with this bear every night, and if I got up for something, Mike took over bear-care.  I gave this bear all of my kisses and hugs because I had no one else little to snuggle.  My arms would have been totally empty if not for this bear, which got me through the worst times.  After many months we decided that a great way for Liv to connect with her brother would be to play with his things.  Now Carpenter's teddy is in Liv's toy bin, and gets played with every day.  And one day she will understand when we tell her, "This is your brother's bear." a