Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24, Capturing My Grief

Day 24, Siblings

These are my babies.  All three of them.  Each captured in this moment, living, warm, protected by my body.  Completely equal in life.  When each of these photos were taken, no one would deny that I had a new baby.  No one would deny the life inside me.  But all too often, people quickly forget about that second little picture there--the picture that shows an adorable, growing, living baby.  

But I will never forget, and his siblings won't either.

Every day, Liv sits on my bed, staring at her brother's photos, sweetly saying, "Baby!"  Today, she sat at my desk, pointing and chanting at Little M's ultrasounds.  She wears "Big Sister" t-shirts and awareness ribbons.  She knows about her siblings, and she always will.  And I will talk to all of my children about their siblings, so that while they may not get to be together in body, they will always be together in spirit.  

Because death is not the end of sibling love...this is my grief. 

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