Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20, Capturing My Grief

Day 20, Charity

Yeah, yeah.  I'm skipping a couple.  It's a hard day, really, and so it's been a hard week.  Anyway, on to Day 20, which is near and dear to my heart.

Lil Angels Hankies is my favorite charity for pregnancy and infant loss survivors.  This seems a little obvious because I actually sew awareness ribbons for each hankie that goes out to families.  But, LAH is more than that.  This group of women, many of us who have never actually met, are the best group ever, bar none.  In fact, today, I rely on them like sisters.  You see, I began my relationship with LAH by requesting a hankie for Carpenter.  I furthered it by sewing ribbons.  But now, I turn to this beautiful group of women for support when I can turn to no one else.  And others turn to all of us through our Facebook page.  The universal truth of babyloss is that we all must bind together to best survive this tragedy.  Lil Angels Hankies binds us together. 

For more information on what we all do, visit Lil Angels Hankies Website.

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