Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 28, Capturing My Grief

Day 28, Memory

Carpenter was born around 7pm.  I had been awake for about 36 hours, unable to sleep for crying.  After he was born, the nurse let us hold him for a while until it looked like I couldn't keep my eyes open any more.  Knowing now Mike could take care of him for me, I accepted my exhaustion.  I laid back to rest as the nurse and Mike were prepping Carpenter for a few photos.  Right before I fell asleep, I begged Mike to get a picture of his little feet, in a heart shape.  Luckily, he did...and I love this picture.  I guess it's because so many living babies have this photo.  It's so normal.  And my sweet boy was totally normal--just gone too soon.  He is my son no less than Liv is my daughter, and deserves a few sweet shots like this around my house.  I love this memory...

Finding normalcy amidst the fog...this is my grief.

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