Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8, Capturing My Grief

Day 8, Jewelry

This isn't even all of it.  These are probably the five pieces I wear most often, but I have other necklaces and bracelets.  The two small hearts are from In Our Hearts Photo Pendants.  The large heart is a locket from England I bought when I was in the hospital.  The "Carpenter" necklace was a gift for Mother's Day.  The round pendant has his monogram, a gift for my birthday.  Mike makes sure I get one present from Carpenter for every special occasion.  In the beginning I prayed wearing my jewelry would encourage people to speak about Carpenter, ask me about him...anything.  It was amazing to me how few people mentioned it.  Now I wear my jewelry just for me, as a way to keep my sweet Carpenter close.  My niece often wants to borrow a necklace to wear around for a day.  It means the world to me.

Carrying my son around my neck instead of in my arms...this is my grief. 

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